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As they say in radio, “Thanks for listening.” Feel free to sample the pictures and video collections on this site. What you’ll find here are some bonus tracks to my book, “A DJ’s Spin.” You’ll be able to actually listen to shows recorded as far back as 1960, when Rock & Roll Radio ruled the airwaves. For radio buffs, this is when DJ’s actually were encouraged to be personalities, rather than just reading liners and positioning statements between the records. For better or worse, each personality sounded different from the other jocks, and each brought a special brand of excitement to the station. Everyone was learning as they went along, adapting their chatter and presentation, listening to other suddenly-famous young voices up and down the dial.

A brash, exciting on-air sound came as a result of these real-time learning experiences. Suddenly, young announcers were thrust into the big leagues, crowding out the “Hand-cupped-to-the-ear“old-style station announcers who were suddenly as out-of-place as dinosaurs in the hotly-contested radio market. Flashy new jingles, elaborate production intros, hard-hitting newscasts, echo chambers and compression techniques made the stations pop out of the dashboards of cars, on beach-side transistors, and even the elaborate free-standing radios the whole family had gathered around to enjoy the old network fare of “Amos & Andy,” “The Jack Benny Program,” and the like.

This is the story of one of those youngsters who was able to live his dream behind the microphone in a career that lasted on-air for over fifty years. I hope you like what you hear on this site, as we take you back in time! As announcers used to say, “Don’t touch that dial! You don’t know where it may have been!”



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